KXIP Roster


The base of the logo is the crest. This is also the base for a shield or a coat of arms or a badge. It epitomizes pride: it is a matter of pride to be awarded a shield or to be wearing a badge on one’s chest. In fact, most of our National awards come in the form of badges that are worn on the chest. Most contests have a shield as an award. Thus this symbol is the mark of a brave winner.


The peak of the crest showcases a banner inscribed with ‘K.J.H.P.H’. These letters stand for Kashmir, Jammu, Himachal, Punjab and Haryana, in the same sequence as they appear on the map of India. While our name may only have ‘Punjab’ as an intrinsic part, it is all these states that our team proudly represents. The word ‘Punjab’ in the name stands more for the fun and progressive mindset, which has come to be associated with people of the region.


These lions bring to life the phrase ‘Sher-e-Punjab’, which literally means ‘Lions of Punjab’. Punjabis like to see themselves as brave, royal and with huge hearts, qualities best epitomized by a lion. These reflect in their loud, hospitable and gallant culture. Symbolically, the two lions represent Maharaj Ranjit Singh, the most intelligent and powerful ruler of North India and the erstwhile Maharaja of Patiala, Bhupinder Singh. The latter was the first Indian to lead an Indian cricket team to Lord’s in 1911 and was instrumental in setting up of the BCCI.

Thus, together the two lions depict the strength & fierceness of the Punjabi and the desire to excel in cricket.